Spectrum Control using Nanotechnology

UbiGro luminescent greenhouse films utilize  quantum dot nanotechnology to provide crops with ideal light conditions to boost production yields.

UbiGro's patented quantum dot technology modifies the sun's spectrum to enhance photosynthetic efficiency and improve fruit and flower production 

Commercial Plant Trials

UbiGro luminescent greenhouse films have been deployed in over 25 trials at 12 different locations including five U.S. states and four international greenhouses.

Download our latest white paper below to check out completed trials on a variety of different crops.

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In the News

Frost & Sullivan Best Practice


UbiGro received the Frost & Sullivan 2019 New Product Innovation Leadership Award for developing a "superior quality photoluminescence mechanism that is exceptionally suitable for cleantech agriculture applications."

SXSW Pitch Winner


UbiGro was named winner in the Hyper-Connected Communities category at the 2019 South by Southwest (SXSW) 11th Annual SXSW Pitch Competition for showcasing quantum dot greenhouse technology.

SunGrower Magazine


UbiGro was featured in and on the cover of SunGrower Magazine in April 2019 as a "luminescent greenhouse technology that converts and customizes the sun's spectrum to improve PAR."

MJBiz: 10 Killer Technologies


UbiGro is highlighted as one of 10 engineering feats that "represent the high-level science and entrepreneurship sweeping today's marijuana industry" in February 2019.


How It Works

Light from the sun is absorbed by quantum dots in the UbiGro film. The quantum dots shift shorter wavelength colors, like UV and blue, towards the red which is more efficient for photosynthesis.

The light emitted by the quantum dots also affects the plant structure, so plants can focus more energy on fruit and flowers. The luminescent film also emits light in all directions, allowing the light to reach deeper into the plant canopy.



UbiGro shifts UV & blue light towards the red, improving photosynthetic efficiency



In the optimized sunlight under UbiGro film, plants focus more energy on fruit and flower production



Luminescent UbiGro film emits light in all directions, increasing absorption by lower leaves

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