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Maximize Your Harvest with UbiGro Cover

Introducing UbiGro Cover, a revolutionary greenhouse covering designed to transform the way your crops absorb sunlight. Leveraging the Nobel Prize-winning technology of quantum dots, UbiGro Cover optimizes the sunlight spectrum, converting UV and blue photons into the red photons that plants crave.

Explore the future of sustainable greenhouse farming with our advanced plant covers. Designed for optimal protection and growth conditions, these innovative solutions redefine cultivation. Elevate your crop yield and embrace sustainability with our premium greenhouse covers—shaping the future of agriculture.

This innovative approach to light management ensures that your crops receive the ideal balance of light for enhanced photosynthesis, leading to healthier plants and significantly improved yields.

“After seeing how well our UbiGro Inner has performed, I’m excited for farmers to see the benefits our new Ubigro Cover can provide.”

– Eric Moody, Director of Sales & Marketing



Catering to the practical needs of modern greenhouse operations, UbiGro Cover integrates seamlessly into your existing setup, accommodating all types of greenhouse styles and sizes. The cover film is available in widths of up to 50 feet and installed no differently than traditional greenhouse cover films, offering a seamless and hassle-free integration into existing greenhouse operations.

Simple Installation

UbiGro Cover is designed to be a replacement to your current polyethylene greenhouse cover. Follow the same installation instructions from your greenhouse manufacturer. UbiGro Cover can be deployed as a single layer or part of a double-wall poly system.

Versatile in Use

UbiGro Cover can be used in any type of greenhouse that uses a poly cover. Whether used as a single layer for a hoop house or double-wall poly gutter-connect greenhouse, UbiGro Cover has your greenhouse covered!

Minimal Maintenance

There is no special maintenance needed for UbiGro Cover. Our quantum dot technology is built into the extruded poly covering and you can handle and care for UbiGro Cover just as you do any other poly greenhouse covering.

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Opportunities With UbiGro

Join UbiGro's Pilot Program

Are you interested in trying UbiGro in your greenhouse? Join UbiGro’s Pilot Program and receive discounts, a custom design, and access to the scientists behind UbiGro.  Fill out the application below to apply for our program today!

Become A Distributor

Are you looking for an innovative light solution to add to your product inventory? Become a UbiGro reseller or distributor and provide this revolutionary greenhouse technology to your customers. 

Purchase Pre-Cut Lengths
Ready to purchase UbiGro for your greenhouse? You can order pre-cut lengths of UbiGro Inner today! If you have questions about purchasing UbiGro, talk to a greenhouse lighting expert. 


UbiGro is a new greenhouse cover product that is changing the way cultivators think about sunlight and sustainable growth and controlled environment agriculture. With every new product comes many questions.

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about UbiGro, how it works, how long, etc. If your question isn’t answered below, you can ask our experts! 

No.  UbiGro Cover will install exactly like you would any other greenhouse cover.  Whether a single layer poly for a hoop house or a double-wall poly configuration, your installation is exactly the same as you would do with any other greenhouse covering.

UbiGro appears orange to the human eye because it is glowing with a peak color of 600 nm.  This is the most efficient color within PAR for photosynthesis and is the foundation of all UbiGro products.  UbiGro Cover is more than just a protection for your crop, it is actually a layer of light powered by the sun that is glowing over your crop.  The glow comes from capturing UV and some blue photons and converting these to efficient red light that powers photosynthesis.

While using UbiGro Cover as both layers of a double-wall system could possibly be great, we recommend using it as one layer in a double system.  UbiGro can be used as either the inner of outer layer and is built to last in both environments.  Deciding whether to use it inside or out can depend on many factors like: Does the other layer contain UV blocker or IR?  Location can also be a factor depending on northern or southern locale or even altitude.  If you have questions about your particular farm, please contact the UbiGro sales team to help advise what is best for your greenhouse.

UbiGro has a team of sales people across the U.S.  Click here to have a sales representative reach out directly.  Currently UbiGro cover is manufactured in the US for sales across all of North America and can be shipped overseas for potential international partners.  UbiGro is working to partner with international greenhouse covering manufacturers to make UbiGro available around the world.

Absolutely not!  The Quantum Dots used by UbiGro are from UbiQD’s exclusive license to produce safe, non-toxic QDs made with copper, zinc and sulphur.  These QDs are embedded into the polymer where they are protected from the elements and perfectly safe.

The Impact of Color on your plants
Hunter McDaniel CEO & Founder UbiGro

Hunter McDaniel, PhD

Founder & CEO

 Hunter earned a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, before joining Los Alamos National Laboratory in the Chemistry Division. Ultimately the value proposition of UbiGro is about boosting crop yields and quality without the cost or energy impact of lighting. Hunter has more than fifty publications and patents, and more than 2000 total citations, h-index: 20. Hunter fundamentally believes that novel materials underpin every significant technology advancement, and he is focused on leveraging new materials to have a lasting and sustainable impact.

Meet The Team

Damon Hebert, PhD

Director of Agriculture

Damon brings a wide range of experience in agriculture, materials science, spectroscopy, and small business. During his time in Prof. Angus Rockett’s research group at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), Hebert authored a doctoral thesis and multiple papers on the materials science of CIGS semiconductor materials, which is closely related to the materials developed at UbiQD. He also served as a consultant to Nanosolar, a CIGS nanocrystal solar cell manufacturing company. Hebert has industry experience having co-founded Dr. Jolly’s, a leading cultivation and distribution operation in Bend, OR.

Meet The Team

Tania Lafaille

Sales Representative

Tania is a UbiGro Sales Representative, with over 7 years of experience in product sales (specifically berries and avocados) covering all of North America and parts of South America. While in agriculture, Tania has cultivated strong relationships with growers and distributors, granting her a unique insight into both perspectives. That understanding, paired with her fierce dedication to results, drives her fun and fiery commitment to her craft. Tania is based in Gilroy, CA.

Meet The Team

Tyler Veyna

Sales Representative​

Tyler brings 15 years of experience in Greenhouse production and facility management of a wide range of crops in multiple states to the UbiGro team. Based in Salinas, California. “Being a fourth-generation farmer, I look to improve and empower the grower, and with UbiGro, we can do just that.”

Meet The Team

Jim Gideon

Sales Manager

Jim Gideon is an UbiGro Sales Manager, with over 25 years of greenhouse industry sales experience covering all of North America. Previously Jim has worked for Green Tek, Plazit-Polygal, Texel, Cherry Creek, and Nexus. He is based in Montgomery, AL, and Jim believes that “light is everything to the grower.”

Meet The Team

Eric Moody

Director of Sales

Eric Moody is UbiQD’s Director of UbiGro Sales. Eric has more than 6 years of experience in horticulture lighting industry, building relationships with greenhouse growers of all sizes and crops on optimal lighting for their growing operation, and most recently managed a North American sales team for PL Light Systems. Overall, Eric has been in sales leadership positions for more than 13 years. Eric brings with him a great understanding of the market and available technologies for growers, greenhouse facilities, and sales leadership. Reach Eric by phone at 541-490-6421 or by email at [email protected].

Meet The Team

Mike Burrows, PhD

VP of Business Development

Dr. Michael Burrows is UbiQd’s Vice President of Business Development. His educational background includes a Materials Science doctorate from the University of Delaware and an MBA from Duke University Fuqua School of Business. His career has specialized in the commercialization of novel electronic materials in venture-run programs for different industries including solar, biosensors, and the automotive industry. In both start-up and corporate environments, he has extensive experience in global market development, foraging supply chain partnerships, productization, and brand building. He is currently leading UbiQD’s partnership efforts in luminescent greenhouse technology, smart windows, and security ventures.