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NEW Greenhouse Film
Spectrum Colors

The new UbiGro greenhouse films, Inner-625 and Inner-650, work the same way as our traditional Inner-600 greenhouse film. Each film targets different crop types and is specific to the light-level condition. The number in each film product name corresponds to the color of each film, based on the visible light spectrum. These new products will offer more flexible lighting solutions for greenhouse growers across the globe. 

Learn more and sign up to become a trial partner for the Inner-625 and 650 greenhouse films to experience this crop-boosting technology for yourself. 

New Product

UbiGro Inner-600 Greenhouse Film (Existing film product)

  • Highest R:FR (red to far-red ratio) and B:R (blue to red ratio)
  • Best for higher light-level conditions and crops that require a large amount of natural sunlight
  • Best for vegetative crop types and crops where overall plant growth is important
New Product

UbiGro Inner-625 Greenhouse Film (New film product)

● Mid R:FR (red to far-red ratio) and B:R (blue to red ratio)
● Suitable for all light-level conditions including areas with high and low levels of sunlight
● Suitable for nearly all crop types
● Centered on the peak of the McCree curve, most efficient for boosting faster growth, larger leaves and more fruit sets

New Product

UbiGro Inner-650 Greenhouse Film (New film product)

  • Lowest R:FR (red to far-red ratio) and B:R (blue to red ratio)
  • Best for crops that require a moderate amount of natural sunlight
  • Emission wavelengths similar to that of red LEDs
  • Best for increasing fruit sets and fruit size in crops like cannabis, strawberries, floriculture, and tomatoes

“We at UbiGro are excited to expand our offerings with two new colors to help growers improve the quality of their natural light. We are actively looking for trial partners for the Inner-625 and 650 to further prove our technologies,” 

– Damon Hebert, PhD, Director of Agriculture Research at UbiQD


UbiGro is simple to install. With a five step procedure, UbiGro does not require outsourced support for installation. 

Ready to install UbiGro in your greenhouse? Download our Installation Guide and see how UbiGro will work within your greenhouse. 

Slide to see how UbiGro Optimizes Light

New Product New Product

Improved Photosynthetic Efficiency

Quantum dots in UbiGro convert a portion of the sun’s UV and blue light into more potent orange and red light. Orange and red light is more efficiently converted into plant energy by chlorophyll versus green, blue, or UV.

Improved Full-Canopy Absorption

UbiGro emits diffuse light, causing photons to be more uniformly distributed in a greenhouse. Increased light diffusion will decrease shadowing from the upper canopy and bring light deeper into the lower levels of the crop to increase production.

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Frequently Asked Questions

UbiGro is a new greenhouse film product that is changing the way cultivators think about sunlight and sustainable growth and controlled environment agriculture. With every new product comes many questions.

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about UbiGro, how it works, how long, etc. If your question isn’t answered below, you can ask our experts! 

For cannabis growers that plan to use the film over plants in the vegetative and flowering stages, we
recommend the 625 nm film. If you are in a low-light environment (less than 35 mol/day), opt for the
600 nm film for better ePAR transmission.
For cannabis growers that plan to use the film over plants primarily in the flowering stage, we
recommend the 650 nm film to promote flowering. If you are in a low-light environment (less than 35
mol/day), opt for the 625 nm film for better ePAR transmission.

The orange 600 nm film will have the most blue content, better for veg. The red 650 nm film will have the reddest and least blue content, better for flowering.

No, the color is fixed in the UbiGro Inner film that is purchased.

No, the optical performance will stay intact for 4+ years in the greenhouse for all colors.